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May 2016: Rising Reality by John King – San Francisco Chronicle Special Report on Rising Sea Levels around SF Bay

3.28.2016: Scientific American Guest Blog: In Search of Mud to Save San Francisco Bay

3.10.2016: Climate Central: Mud Shortage Eroding California’s Climate Defenses

12.23.2015: Climate Central: With CO2 Boost, Marshes Can Rise to Meet Flood Risks

12.21.2015: San Francisco Chronicle: Work to Save San Francisco Bay Only Just Begun

12.4.2015: Tideline: A Roadmap for Wetlands by Anne Morkill (article on page 3) [233 KB PDF]

12.3.2015: American Society of Civil Engineers: WETLANDS CAN HELP SAN FRANCISCO COMBAT SEA LEVEL RISE. A report authored by 100 scientists and 21 management agencies recommends wetlands to mitigate the effects of sea level rise in the bays in the San Francisco area.

Planning for Sea Level Rise on San Francisco’s Bay Shoreline
A special program at the Exploratorium, hosted with the San Francisco Estuary Institute. Click here for details [618 KB PDF]

10.27.2015: SF Gate 2 concepts for shaping region’s future shoreline

10.26.2015: Press Democrat Levee breach transforms Sears Point farmland back into wetlands

10.26.2015: SF Gate Ceremony near San Pablo Bay marks planned rebirth of wetlands

10.26.2015: San Francisco Chronicle Restored wetlands and the floods in our future

10.25.2015: Marin Independent Journal San Pablo Bay tidal basin flooded for marsh restoration project

10.25.2015: San Jose Mercury News Guest Editorial by Assemblyman Tony Thurmond: Restoring Our Wetlands: A Green Defense Against Sea Level Rise

10.23.2015: San Jose Mercury News editorial: San Francisco Bay wetlands need to be restored

10.23.2015: KCBS Radio: Race to Restore Wetlands as Sea Level Rises

10.22.2015: San Jose Mercury News San Francisco Bay: Bird populations doubled since 2003 in vast salt pond restoration area


10.21.2015: KQED Radio Report: Bay Area Infrastructure, Communities at Risk Without Wetlands Restoration

10.20.2015: ClimateWire: Wetlands restoration needs to be sped up in SF Bay to fight sea-level rise

10.19.2015: ABC 7 News NOAA: Sea Level Rise Problems To Accelerate in Bay Area

10.19.2015: KGO Radio: Act Now Against Rising Sea Levels

10.18.2015: Contra Costa Times: San Francisco Bay: Race to build wetlands is needed to stave off sea-level rise, scientists say

10.18.2015: San Jose Mercury News San Francisco Bay: Race to build wetlands is needed to stave off sea-level rise, scientists say by Paul Rogers