Baylands Ecosystem Habitat Goals Project | Science Update 2015
San Francisco Baylands Ecosystem Habitat Goals project report, The Baylands and Climate Change: What We Can Do, Science Update 2015, issued October 2015
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Science Update 2015


The-Baylands-and-Climate-Change-Overview-100x133 Overview: Ensuring a Healthier Bay Shore (5 MB PDF)

The-Baylands-and-Climate-Change-Overview-100x133 Complete Report: Baylands Ecosystem Habitat Goals Science Update 2015 (32 MB PDF)

The-Baylands-and-Climate-Change-Overview-100x133 Front Matter, Contents, and Overview (1.7 MB PDF)

BEHGU-chapter-1-cover-100x133 Chapter 1: New Understanding—The Baylands and Climate Change (15 MB PDF)

BEHGU-chapter-2-cover-100x133 Chapter 2: New Opportunities—How We Can Achieve Healthy, Resilient Baylands (15 MB PDF)

Download maps and narratives for local coastlines.

BEHGU-BM-100x133 Back Matter: Species List and Image Credits (364 KB PDF)


Science Foundation Chapters

black15 Download all Science Foundation Chapters (8.4 MB PDF)

SFC1redsq SF Chapter 1: The Dynamic Workings of the Baylands (2 MB PDF)

    Conceptual models of how drivers of change influence evolution of baylands habitats

SFC2yelsq SF Chapter 2: The Projected Evolution of Baylands Habitats (1.1 MB PDF)

    How the geomorphology is projected to evolve

  • Appendix 2.1 will be posted shortly.

SFC3grnsq SF Chapter 3: Connections to the Bay (381 KB)

    How changes in bay, delta, and ocean, may affect the baylands. Wildlife case studies with examples of vulnerabilities and potential responses

  • Appendices (individual case studies)

SFC4blusq SF Chapter 4: Connections to the Watersheds (1.2 MB)

SFC5ornsq SF Chapter 5: Risks from Future Change for Wildlife (753 KB)

    How wildlife may be harmed. Wildlife case studies with examples of vulnerabilities and potential responses

  • Appendices (individual case studies)

SFC6tursq SF Chapter 6: Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gases in the Baylands (2.2 MB)