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San Francisco Baylands Ecosystem Habitat Goals project report, The Baylands and Climate Change: What We Can Do, Science Update 2015, issued October 2015
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The Baylands and Climate Change: What We Can Do

Science Update 2015

A Threat and an Opportunity

  • The baylands provide multiple benefits to our region, including flood protection, water purification, recreation, and wildlife habitat. They support our quality of life and our economy. Sea-level rise threatens the long-term survival of the baylands.
  • We have an opportunity to maintain the benefits the baylands provide—but it requires bold action now. If we delay, the opportunity will fade as sea-level rise accelerates.
  • Restoring our baylands is thus not a luxury, but an urgent necessity. The report tracks our progress and provides a suite of recommendations that must be implemented to maintain our baylands. Choosing one or two items will not suffice.